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Hope is the preferred daughter of God. Defeats never discourage men of hope. After the first, fifth, twentieth or nth defeat, hope always repeats the same thing: it doesn’t matter, tomorrow is another day. Hope never dies; it is immortal, like God is. The children of the Gospel may shout out: “It is impossible to defeat egoism.” Hope responds: “Everything is possible for God.” The men of the Gospel cry out: “Money is an invincible machine.” Hope replies: “Only Christ is invincible.”

Everything seems lost to you because you believe in statistics. You read the newspapers, and your faith is based on sociological research where they believe only what they see.

And hope answers: “you children of combat and of hope, you are wrong because you are looking down, at the ground.

Raise your eyes and look beyond all of this where you can see the fountain of hope: Jesus Christ, risen up from the dead, victor over egoism and sin. He is our only hope.”

In order not to succumb to discouragement, at the times that you can’t see the results, lean on the Immortal and Everlasting One. We are invincible because the Lord conquered all our enemies. The only lady that remains on earth is death. She also was conquered by the Immortal One.

Christ with His Mother and our collaboration will be rooting out the sources of injustice while establishing the basis of peace, and allowing the sun of justice to shine.

Extracted from the book “The Silence of Mary” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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