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Birth of Father Ignacio Larrañaga Orbegozo, OFMCap

The air smells of spring.

Month of May in the "Noble and Loyal Villa de Azpeitia". A place in the north of Spain, which was the cradle that housed this Prophet of God.

At the dawn of the fifth Friday of Easter, May 4, 1928, and perhaps with the singing of "Regina Coeli", in some Monastery of the region, Ignacio Larrañaga Orbegozo came into the world.

He was the fourth child of Marcelino Larrañaga and María Salomé Orbegozo.

The baptismal waters, poured out that same day on his forehead, made him a son of God.

And in that landscape of the Spanish Pyrenees with its high mountains, green meadows, the chirping of birds and a river that sings its melody to the Creator, that child was forged, who carried in his soul a surprising capacity for admiration and a deep divine sensitivity.

He was a man longing for silence and solitude, who had to come down from the mountains to the roar of the crowds, to implant the living God in the hearts of men and with the imprint of his Franciscan vocation, he abandoned himself to the action of the Saint Spirit, leaving a spiritual legacy for Christians of all times: Prayer and Life Workshops.

His spiritual children rejoice with the celebration of this date.

Text by Rosario, TOV Guide of Venezuela


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