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The certainty of adult faith

The act of faith is an act of will because it is a voluntary adhesion. Nevertheless, where a truth or reality cannot be verified analytically or empirically and where, on the other hand, the interests of life are at stake, a lot of courage and will is needed to surrender to that truth or reality that so much compromises us.

A person strongly attached to Jesus Christ has no intellectual problems of faith. Intellectual conflicts begin when vital adherence to Jesus Christ is weakened. From life comes security.

The believer is seduced by the voice of the One who called him from the deep and brilliant darkness of the night. The believer jumped from himself, stepping on unknown land and seeing nothing. He opened his arms and gave himself to the Lord, he confessed and he affirmed the Lord; without seeing Him, he felt Him. Without feeling Him, he glorified Him. He handed Him the keys to his castle, and they joined in an eternal alliance. At this point, insecurities dissipate. The sky, the earth, the sea, everything is covered with certainty, a certainty like that of a sunset. The believer, in this way, is forever confirmed in faith.

From the book God Inside by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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