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Wisdom of the Heart

You are my rock and my anchor. My roots are sunk in You. We will drink waters of eternal life from your streams. We will sleep in Your warm and powerful arms as long as the storm lasts. You will fill our horizons with light, giving security to our steps and making sense of our days. You will be the lighthouse and the star, the compass and the anchor as we journey through life.

Here is one of the most important aspects of the wisdom of the heart: to live rooted in the depths of God. Roots, instinctively, pulled by a mysterious force, tend to go to the center of the earth. The more the root advances inwardly, the more vigorously it clings to the earth which nourishes and sustains the tree; this going under is the condition for our security and the measure of our strength.

Wisdom of heart, what does it consist of? In “knowing my end” and “the measure of my years” in order to understand “how transitory I am,” and in “calculating my years” in this way I will acquire a “sensible heart.” Here we find the source and the way of wisdom.

Extracted from the Book “Psalms for life” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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