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We would really appreciate to count on your help to carry the message of peace and hope of Father Ignacio Larrañaga to more people and to radiate his spirituality to this world so in need of it.

How to Donate?
If you are interested in supporting our Foundation, you can make a financial contribution in the following way:

Mensaje DUG TOV.jpg

Donate in Chile:
Direct or Transfer Contribution to our bank account in the name of:


Fundación TOVPIL
RUT: 65.106.214-4
Bank Name: Banco Security
Current Account: N° 202934901

Donate trough Payment instruction from abroad to our US Dollar account
Bank: Banco Security
Bank Account Holder: Fundación TOVPIL
Identification Number: C.I / ID / NIT: 65.106.214-4
Account Number: N ° 202934955
Bank Address: Apoquindo 3150, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile
Bank Telephone: 56-225844086

Donate with PayPal using Credit Card

Please consider:


By clicking on the “Donate” button, PayPal will provide you with two options; "Donate with PayPal" or "Donate with a credit card" (before selecting one of these two options, you must enter the amount to donate).

  • If you select “Donate with PayPal” it means that you already have a PayPal account, which will be required to make the corresponding donation. Then you just have to follow the steps that PayPal asks you to do.

  • If you select the option “Donate with a credit card”, PayPal will ask you for your credit card details and, following this, it will ask you for user details to create a PayPal account (This so that in a next time you don't need to select this option, but select "Donate with PayPal" which will be easier). Then you just have to follow the steps that PayPal asks you to do.

In the 3 cases above, it is essential to also send us an e-mail informing, the means and the amount, your full name, telephone, address and city, and if you are a TOV Guide, your Local Coordination, at to send you the donation receipt.




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