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Objective, Mission and Vision.


The objective of the TOVPIL Foundation is to be an instrument for the preservation, learning, teaching and promotion of the diverse aspects of the mission and patrimony of Father Ignacio Larrañaga in Chile and beyond.


The mission of the TOVPIL Foundation, is to promote and to make known to society the foundation for their spiritual growth, according to the teachings of Father Ignacio Larrañaga capuchin priest, helping those people who are interested in a better understanding of themselves and others.

Thanks to our own material, which is based on Christian values, and Guides who are trained and qualified to direct group activities and dynamics, we are able to organize a variety of educational workshops that result in the development of the abilities that are  needed for a harmonious coexistence within the  family, work place and all areas of a person’s development.


The TOVPIL Foundation proposes to spread and radiate the charisma of Father Ignacio, emphasizing values like fraternity, generosity, gratitude of love, humility, and deepening of one’s faith, in order to benefit society as a whole.

In a practical manner to propagate and teach how to be close and intimate with our Father God, presenting the loving dimension  of God  in our daily life, and following the path of Jesus, that  in the face of adversity we can learn to suffer less.

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