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Origins of the Foundation


The origin of the TOVPIL Foundation dates back to the year 1993 when Father Ignacio, together with the Gloria Domínguez Guide, studied the possibility of having a TOV foundation in the house she wanted to donate in Santiago, a donation that could not be made possible for various reasons. This initial idea was developed with the passing of the years and so it was that Father Ignacio in 2004 announced its intention that his house would serve in the future as a living center of irradiation of the spirituality of TOV, as stated in some of Your Circular Letters and other documents. This is how in 2007, formally requested to establish a work team for the Foundational House in order to advance that goal.


Together with Father Camilo Luquin, he quotes a first meeting at his house, on February 25 of that year, Jorge Gutiérrez, and Sara Sepúlveda, National Coordinators of Chile and Verónica Gutiérrez, secretary of the parents, to study the aspects that would be necessary for the Foundation House to have a program of work and activities to be carried out there, as well as who would govern and care for it and who would make decisions about its progress and operation when he was gone. After that and other meetings, it was agreed to create a Foundation that would take that responsibility, always under the supervision of the current International Coordination, for when it was time to specify it.


They were with him the project objectives and the legal legal aspect needed to create a foundation. When Father Ignatius realized that a foundation involved giving several legal steps, in addition to drafting a statute, he preferred to leave it for later, but agreed to go aside money specifically for this purpose with the International Coordination of the time.

In the years that followed he once again expresses his desire that, when he is in the Father's House, good ideas may arise so that the house is really a vital center of TOV and is not transformed into a museum; He was insistent on that. In addition to this clear wish of Father Ignacio on the future of his home, in 2013, one month after his death, the International Coordination met with the Pontifical Council for the Laity, receiving from the President of the Council, Monsignor Stanislaw Rylko, and the Secretary Monsignor Miguel Delgado, coincidental suggestions and in line with the wishes of Father Ignacio, that is, to disseminate and publicize his work.


For this reason the International Coordination (CI) after informing the International Assembly 2014, created the TOVPIL Foundation in 2015, as an instrument for the preservation, study, dissemination of the various manifestations of the work and spiritual heritage of Father Ignacio Larrañaga in Chile and abroad.


Without a doubt, it is and will be a privilege, and a filial duty for current and future TOV Guides, to be able to fulfill the vehement desire expressed by its founder, Father Ignacio, that his message continues to radiate to the world, and shine the light of the fire he left on.

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