The main work of Father Ignacio Larrañaga has been to leave the world the charism of prayer, inspired by his own experience of Father's Love. Currently, his charism is delivered through the Prayer and Life Workshops, and the EED. This legacy brings to the Church and society, its methodology inspired by its fervent desire to go to the aid of women and men today, showing them in a practical and simple way a way to live better and be a little happier in the hands of the Lord and his Word.

Your message has been spilled in different formats; books, audios, videos, which provide analysis and solutions, doctrines and guidance for the needs and problems of the human being, which have helped thousands of people experience the joy of inner liberation and the joy of living. Although the author is Catholic, his message is valid for any man and woman, as has been proven in many nations.

God Experience Encounters

It was the year 1974. Father Ignacio was in Sao Paulo teaching his Capuchin brothers, courses called Fraternity and Prayer Weeks. He tirelessly affirmed that without God, there can be no fraternity.

Prayer and Life

The Prayer and Life Workshops (TOV), are a lay ecclesial service, founded by Father Ignacio Larrañaga in 1984. The TOVs were recognized and approved by the Holy See in 1997 and confirmed, according to the Decree of Approval given by the Pontifical Council. ..

Written work, video and audio
  • Caminos de paz

  • Meditaciones cristológicas

  • Orar con los Salmos

  • Semillas de Paz

  • Vida con Dios

  • Vida con María

  • Vida de Fraternidad

  • Humanismo Integral

  • Oremos

  • Encuentro de Experiencia de Dios, Buscando su Rostro

  • Caminos de Paz

  • Del Encanto de Dios al Encanto de la Vida

  • Un profeta moderno.

  • Contemplación con Ignacio Larrañaga

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