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Frequent questions


1.- What was the purpose of creating a Foundation?


A: In response to Father Ignacio's request that TOV/PLW be in charge of the maintenance and preservation of the house and of its spiritual legacy; and moreover,to transform it into the TOV/PLW Vital and Vitalizing Center for the world, as a Center of Spiritual Irradiation without it becoming a museum. The International Coordination chose to form a foundation because in the Chilean legislation it is the most suitable legal framework for these purposes.


2.-Did Father Ignacio know that his house would be made into a Foundation?


A: There is evidence that for many years before his death, he had already spoken with some Guides about creating a Foundation. Since 2007, he participated in several meetings with lawyers discussing the issue in detail. However, he was in no hurry to formalize it because this was a cumbersome procedure; and he left it in the hands of the International Coordination who would be responsible at the time he went to the Father's House.


3.- Who chooses the Board of the Foundation?


Every three years, the existing International Coordination elects the Board of the Foundation.


4.-  How is the Foundation administered?

It is administered by  the Board of  Directors that will be responsible for the highest management of the Foundation in accordance to the Statutes.


5- How is the Foundation financed?

With the support of the TOV/PLW International Coordination, using a minimun percentage of the EEG’s that are imparted in all the Zones that form a part of TOV/PLW; with donations; inheritances; legacies of private or legal persons, public or private, national or foreign with public or private rights; state agencies, legal or semi-legal, municipalities, or entities having an autonomous administration.


6.- How can the TOV/PLW Guides participate in the Foundation?

The TOV/PLW Guides can contact the Foundation Team through our e-mail in order to share ideas, not only regarding activities but the Web Page as well.  For example, they can collaborate with everything that the Directory may request, which includes; to give ideas for the organization of the Foundation’s yearly activities; suggest new activities, and be a part of their planning, give informative talks on TOV/PLW to the general public; have Days of Prayer with evangelizing themes, TOV/PLW spirituality, etc.  As well as, being available to help with digital file documents, transcribe audios, gather testimonies of Father Ignacio’s, life and mission, gather news in published information or newspapers about Father in your country or areas and much more.  They can also participate by giving a monthly donation according to their possibilities.

7.- What is the difference between the Foundation and the TOV/PLW?

There is a legal difference between them, the TOV/PLW are a Private International Association with Pontifical Rights and Judicial Personality.  And the Foundation TOVPIL is a Non-profit, Charitable Foundation with Private Rights according to the First Book of the Chilean Civil Code.

It is worthwhile to note, that the Foundation is born from TOV/PLW for the purpose we already explained in question No, 1, in other words, through its Guides it invites anyone to participate in irradiating the message and the mission of the Founder of the TOV/PLW, Father Ignacio Larrañaga.


8.- Why was Father Ignacio’s home remodeled?

In general, constructions should be adequate at the time in which they serve, therefore, in the past according to the Fathers’ needs the house went through several transformations. And now it needs to be made adequate for today, according to the following reasons:

a) To make Father Ignacio’s dream concrete so that his home becomes a vital center for TOV/PLW and it is not transformed into a museum.

b) To accept the suggestions of the Pontifical Council for the Laity given to the International Coordination at the end of 2013, to have the house be adequate for taking care of Father Ignacio’s patrimony and its diffusion.

c)To solve the need for repairs of a house that was built with materials of wood and light plaster with problems of:  humidity, fragile sanitary installations,  crooked floors, isolation and electricity.      


9.-How can I visit the house?

You can visit the house by coordinating your visit by sending an e-mail to:


Please inform us of the time and day that you want to come according to the visiting hours:  Monday to Friday:  9:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm


For further information call the following telephone: 

56- 2 22458407.


10,- How can I make a donation to the Foundation?


In the upper right corner of this page you will find the Button  - Donate that indicates how to proceed so we can receive your donation.  You can also write to us for more details in how to proceed.

We sincerely appreciate your wish in sending donations to the Foundation. By doing this you will enable us to fulfill the Founder’s dream of irradiating his charisma.

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