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95th Anniversary of Father Ignacio's Birth

On Saturday, May 6, a Eucharist will be held at the Foundation House at 10:30 a.m. (Chile time) to which everyone is invited to celebrate and thank God for the life and work of Father Ignacio, since May 4 marks the 95th anniversary of his birth.

With great joy there will also be the presentation of the book “An Encounter, my Destiny: Diary of a Pilgrim”, written by Maristella Carvalho, a Brazilian Guide and a great collaborator of Father Ignacio, who donated her copyright to the Foundation House.

Maristella says: The book – “An Encounter, my Destiny: Diary of a Pilgrim” – now published in Spanish, will be published in other languages of other countries where PLW exist, always for a single purpose: to help the TOVPIL Foundation, to achieve Fr. Ignacio's dream and great desire that his house be a “radiation center of our spirituality”. I would really like each Guide to acquire a copy, aware of the help they are giving to the Foundation.”

May this be a moment of union and celebration of the PLW Family for the charism bequeathed to the world by Father Ignacio and which continues to live in each PLW Guide.


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