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A Disciple of Jesus

The Servant of the Lord is a free man. He, who has nothing and wants nothing, can lose nothing, because fear is violence in order to defend one’s appropriations.

But a Poor man like Jesus, who has dedicated His whole life removing Himself from the leading roles, dreams of grandeur, struggles for glory...What can disturb Him? That is why He was an incorruptible prophet, because He was free, because He was poor.

And in having nothing, in being free, He was a man who was always available. In not serving Himself, He was then able to serve others. That is why He was the Servant of God and of His brothers and sisters.

If the disciple of Jesus does not start by becoming, unattached, non-appropriated, poor and available, he cannot serve anyone; on the contrary, subtly he will help himself to everything and everyone.

If we are not in a process of liberation from our love of self, we will only love ourselves and many times and in many ways, we will be in conflict with others, playing games of self-interest, and rivalries, defending our own self-image.

Extracted from the Circular Letters Nº 17 by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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