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A Sermon for the Flock

These were the words that Brother Francis addressed to the birds:

“Birds, my dear sisters: You possess creation’s greatest gift: the ability to fly. God’s children should not feel envious. But I must confess: I envy your ability to fly. At this very minute how I would love to fly to the top of this tree, to that inaccessible cliff. For you nothing is inaccessible. What a panorama you must see from those heights!

“Your precious songs, your resounding whistles, all do little to praise the love and the wisdom of our Creator. From dusk till dawn you will part the winds announcing that the Almighty is none other than our Creator. Even if no one will listen, fly all over the earth singing the praises of the Lord.

From the book “Brother Francis of Assisi” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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