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Adoration is the highest expression of human freedom because it is charged with wonderment and admiration, and also because it makes a person forget himself or herself and turn towards others. We can add a lot more; there exists no better psychiatric therapy in the world that frees us from obsessions and anguish, than adoration.

The reason is simple: anxieties, fears, worries and especially obsessions are the fruit and effect of us being so turned in on ourselves We are tied and, quite frequently, morbidly attached to the lies about our own image. When we cut all these ties, and release caged birds and constrained energies to the wind, allowIng them to be seduced by the Most High, life turns into a freedom party.

That is why, in Psalms 8 and 104; there is not a single reference to the psalmist or the psalmist’s enemies. He is absorbed by the splendor of God and of creation, forgetting himself. Gone are the unrest and fears. He is left only with the space and time to throw himself forward, with eyes filled with wonder, upon Him who is the One.

From the book "Psalms for Life" by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga

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