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Brother Francis prayer

Francis’ daily chore was to transcend the evocation and reach the Evocative Presence himself,establishing thequiet, ineffable, and marked relationship of I-You. He pressed himself against the cavern walls, curling up with his forehead touching his knees. He remained in this position for several hours. At first, he communicated with God out loud. Then the words progressively became only a whisper until there was nothing left but silence. Nevertheless, he continued to communicate mentally with God until his mind also quieted.

Brother Francis entered the very last chamber of his spirit and there in that enclosure heopened his soul to God,and God,in turn, to Francis. Francis welcomed God and God welcomed Francis who gave himself. Francis established a means of communication with the Lord that was both courteous and intimate, alive and true, a complete mental connection in faith and in love.

All of Francis’ mental energies were released and projected onto God and remained with him. And Francis was merged,centered, still, paralyzed with him and in him, in a dynamic and energetic quietude.

In one simple and complete motion, all of Francis was one with God, and God was one with Francis. It was an immediate experience, a deep, penetrating, and possessive experience, without images, nor concrete thoughts, nor representations of God: there was no need to make present that which was already present.

Extracted from the book “The Brother Francis of Assisi” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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