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Christmas Greetings

I will be sitting at your side at your Christmas dinner.

I will ask baby Jesus to smile on you.

Of course, the Mother, happy and content will give you that glance that is a sea of sweetness.

You will also find the little donkey, meek and humble. Sometimes I think that the little donkey should be the symbol of our Guides. Because of its two characteristics, humility and service, and another baby animal, the puppy dog, because of its tenderness and loyalty.

Baby Jesus will come to your house with tenderness in one hand, and a little box filled with humility in the other, and your house will be filled with the perfume of violets.

There will be ringing of bells in the air.

Do not forget that your existence is a joy and your life a privilege.

Cultivate carefully the plant of happiness and the world will be filled with joy.

Merry Christmas!

Ignacio Larrañaga

Excerpt from Circular Letter N. 2 from Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga to the Prayer and Life Workshops Guides


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