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Commemoration of the 9th Anniversary of Father Ignacio’s Passover

On October 29, recently, the Commemorative Eucharist for the 9th Anniversary of Father Ignacio's Passover was held at the TOVPIL Foundation, with the presence of the South Cone 2 Zonal Coordinator, the North Chile National Team and Rosa Reyes, from the South Chile National Team. Guides from Santiago, Temuco, Viña, Valdivia, Rancagua, Buin, Argentina and Costa Rica were also present, as well as Workshop participants from Brazil. The activity began with a virtual greeting from Lorena Rodríguez, PLW International Coordinator.

The Capuchin priest Pastor Salvo, officiated the mass, accompanied by Deacon Antonio Ríos, TOV Guide. After the Mass, the presentation of the book, Historia de los TOV, which transcribes talks and documents that started the Prayer Workshops, was made the year 1984 in Chile. The presentation was given by the Guide, Sara Sepúlveda, who was part of the founding Guides in 1984, and she shared her experience and some anecdotes of what she lived with Father Ignacio during that period.


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