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Delivery Schedule International Coordination

In a very significant place for TOV, the Delivery Agenda of the outgoing Coordinating Team of the International Coordination was held, to the new Team made up of the Guide sisters: -Lorena Rodríguez, Coordinator, -Purificación Vilar González, Secretary, -Mercedes Sanz Fortea, Treasurer, and -Lucía Mera Pérez, Materials Manager.

“The meeting was held from February 3 to 5 at the House of Spirituality in Loyola (Azpeitia), very close to Father Ignacio's hometown, so we felt he was very present at all times.

It has been a time of Grace for us, both for the outgoing Team and for the incoming Team, and we have experienced moments of great intensity of prayer and fraternity, in addition to long working hours, which is a clear sign that everything is God's doing. , since the joy of working for and for all the brothers has been manifest in these days. The Lord has been great with us and we are happy!


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