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Fear and Faith

In general, our fears come from the experience of existential loneliness. By feeling internally alone, we also feel insecure, unprotected, and fear is born from insecurity.

How to overcome fear? Overcoming insecurity. How to overcome insecurity? Overcoming loneliness. And there is only one way to overcome loneliness: filling it with Presence (in capital letters) and this Presence "is" the One who is present at all times and in all places.

When we victims of fear and even panic, realize that the Almighty is also the Loving One, and He is with us wherever I go, and whatever happens day and night. We know that everything will end well, because if my God is omnipotent and is with me, fear of what? "Affliction, anguish, persecution, hunger, nakedness, danger, the sword? In everything, we easily overcome trough the One who has loved us "(Rom 8: 35-37).

Years ago, I have come to the conviction that to defeat the supreme enemy of the human heart that is fear the invincible weapon is living faith.

God, who is pure, free and eternal Love, lives within me as a powerful, loving and maternal presence, and he cares for me and protects me, so within me peace reigns. Tomorrow will come with its problems, but also with its solutions.

Extract from the book The Forces of the Decadence, by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga.


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