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Happy are those who hear the Word

The mustard seed is very small, hardly visible to the naked eye. When it is sown and sprouts, it grows until it is transformed into a thicket of shrubs where birds easily build their nests. The sower went out and cast a handful of grains of wheat on the ground. When summer came, he found the seeds had grown into golden grain. Such is the Word.

Happy are the children who have a caring mother, but much more so are those who hear the Word and put it to work. The kingdom is a young and strong vine, a fine fabric just off the weaver’s loom.

Like a huge wave, the love of the Father spreads over the world and surrounds and embraces all creatures. Here lies the definite motive for joy, the reason for the security and the freedom of human beings, especially the most destitute.

Extracted from de book “From Suffering to Peace” by father Ignacio Larrañaga


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