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His Mercy is Everlasting

Let the whole earth rejoice, and let the countless islands jump for joy with this great news. Our God is dressed in a mantle of mercy, preceded by tenderness and accompanied by loyalty. His love endures forever and is everlasting. He comes riding on a cloud, along whose edge is written the word Love.

Israel is in a position to confirm this news. As a small child, he was led by chords of tenderness. For him, the Lord was like a mother that bent down to feed him, and then lifted him up to Her cheek to caress him. In his stormy youth, He accompanied Israel with a sure and strong arm until He was installed in the Promised Land as had been sworn.

This news of His eternal love was witnessed by all of the faithful in whose nights the Lord shone like a torch of stars and as a refreshing shadow in the noonday sun. Eternal glory then, to the One who watched over our sleep and watched over our comings and goings!

From the book “Psalms for Life”, by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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