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Hope speaks

On the cloud of illusions, you have built your house. Because of this, it has fallen a thousand and one times, at the whim of the waves. The sand of the beaches was the foundation of your building, and ruin was inevitable.

The rules of your game were probability and psychology, and the end results were clearly in sight. But I have a final word to say to you this morning: You still can; hope is still possible; tomorrow will be better.


Let us begin again.

If, up until now, there were ruins, from now on there will be castles of light pointing their towers to the heights. If, until now, you have harvested disasters, remember spring showers are coming.

Behind the closed night there are high mountains, and behind the mountains of night the dawn is coming. It is beautiful to believe in the light when it is night.

Look: those stars, blue or red, sparkle from eternity to eternity. Be like them: never grow tired of shining. On dry land and arid mountains, plant the seeds of mercy, hope, and peace. Do not grow tired of planting, though your eyes never see the golden shafts. One day the poor will see them.

Extracted from the book “Sensing Your Hidden Presence” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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