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Horeb Coordination Monthly Guide Day at Foundation House

 Last Saturday, the Horeb Coordination of Santiago lived a day of deep prayer in its monthly Desert, and a Christmas Liturgy to receive Advent, concluding with a lively fraternal sharing.


This is the text of Circular 17 that they shared that day:


“Dear Guides:

During this Christmas I want to send you gifts.

But, with what messenger?

I am certainly not going to send them

with a dromedary from Median. (Orient)

I am going to send the little donkey from the city gates,

with a fragrant cargo

of violets, many violets.

A star will guide the donkey’s footsteps

To the home of each Guide;

with overflowing saddlebags, not of flour,

but of sweetness, tenderness, patience

and love.

These are the most precious gifts that I can desire for you

and send.

Merry Christmas”


(Circular 17) Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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