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Learn​ing​ from the psalms

It is interesting to point out the fact that, together with the concept of a feast, invariably we find in the Psalms the verb satiate. Once again, we find ourselves in the anthropologic area: God, and only God, is capable of fully satiating the hunger for transcendence.

It can be nothing less: our human “structure”, having been designed to fit the image of the divine. It is logical and normal to think that only God could fill this inner world, ineffable and vast, with balance and joy; this inner world which is insatiable in the face of all the delicacies human being’s desire. The psalmist could say; You are my satiety.

In this way, the psalmist offers us, here and there, wonderful expressions, which are truly like golden nuggets. I would advise those who take their friendship with God seriously to learn them by heart so they can repeat them frequently; they are filled with inexhaustible meaning and life.

“​My Lord, to my heart you are a richer joy​

​than all their ​grain and new wine.” (Ps 4: 7)

All and any “​grain” and “wine”, that symbolize one’s emotions and earthly satisfactions, are nothing in comparison with the joy and fullness, which You have placed within me.

​The psalmist states:

“You will teach me the path of life,

unbounded joy in your presence.

at your right-hand ​delight forever.” (Ps 16:11)

​Extracted from the book Psalms for Life by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga​


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