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Mary, Our Mother

In life, -in all life- there is a father and a mother. Rather, I would say a mother and a father. Psychiatrists tell us of the decisive influence a mother has over her children, before and after giving birth, and the dangers of that influence caused by fixations and dependencies. All of us, from our earliest days, remember that mother who was for us a consolation and a stimulus.

Therefore, Jesus Christ made us known to the Father and rewarded us with a mother. Jesus gifted His mother to Humanity in order that Humanity would care for her faithfully and venerate her; and He bestowed Humanity upon His mother in order that she would look after us, and mold us as members of a Kingdom of Love.

We needed another mother whom death could not touch. Our Mother Mary is that consolation and peace we need for any moment. She changes bitterness to sweetness, and combat to compassion. She is kind and courteous. She suffers with those who suffer, and she waits with those who wait, while she will journey with those who journey. Our Mother is patience and security. She is our joy, happiness and our peace. The Mother is an immense personified sweetness and an invincible fortress.

Extracted from the book “The silence of Mary” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga.


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