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“Oh Holy Spirit”

O Holy Spirit, almighty power of God, at this moment give me the miracle of identifying my feelings with the feelings of Jesus.

My Lord Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, who is present in me, take full possession of my whole being. Make yourself vividly present in my body and spirit. Take complete control of what I feel, what I am, what I have. At this moment, let your feelings be my feelings, your emotions my emotions, your eyes my eyes, your arms my arms.

I will endeavor to accept all the renunciations that this road requires, and I promise you, with the aid of Your Holy Spirit, never to complain of the demands, the difficulties, or the exhaustion, and never to refuse to make any sacrifice that You may ask of me. I affirm and tell You all of this, because I count on Your love and the happiness You will give me so that I can make this commitment a reality.

Extracted from the book “Permanent Conversion” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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