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Open up to God

When a man opens his inner spaces up to God, in faith and in prayer; when he feels his lonely, inner spaces filled and inundated by the Divine Presence; when he perceives that his extreme misery and poverty are counteracted by the power and wealth of God; when a man experiences vividly that this Lord, which fills him and gives him stability, besides being all-powerful, is all loving; that God is “his” God, the Lord is “his” Father; and that his Father loves him, and that He surrounds him, and penetrates him, and keeps him company; and that He is his strength and his security, his certainty and his freedom; then tell me: what can make him be afraid? If the Lord is my strength and my salvation, whom shall, I fear?

If the Lord is the defense of my life, before whom shall I tremble? (v.1). Fear has disappeared because God has filled the loneliness. Moreover, it is at this moment that man begins to participate in the omnipotence of God. Neither life nor death nor lies nor slander can cause him even the smallest scratch. Man, then, from this moment on, becomes the son of omnipotence, invulnerable in the face of all dangers and threats.

Extracted from the book “Psalm for life” by father Ignacio Larrañaga


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