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Our Mother in Heaven

Mary will give birth to Christ in us in so far as we are sensible beings considering all the necessities of this material world, as Christ did; in so far as we live as Jesus lived Who was compassionate, and identified with the misfortune of others. He could not see someone in pain without being moved. He did not eat nor rest in order to attend to someone sick, and Who not only was emotionally involved, but One Who solved the problem... The Mother is the one who must help us embody that living Jesus. Who is suffering with those who suffer, so that we may live “for” others and not “for” ourselves.

Mary will give birth to Christ in us in so far as we have a predilection for the “poor”; when the “poor” of this world are preferentially served. That will be the sign that the Church is truly messianic; when we live as Christ with our hearts and hands open for the poor, with an unfeigned sympathy, sharing their lot and solving their difficulties; and to the extent that our activity be preferentially, but not exclusively dedicated to them, in so far as we reach out to them with hope and without resentment.

Mary will be truly Our Mother in so far as she helps embody in us that Christ of the poor.

Mary will facilitate Christ’s birth in us when we try to be humble and patient like Him; when we reflect upon His state of mind, of peace, and of self-control, courage and serenity.

Extracted from the book “The Silence of Mary” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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