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Pilgrimage to the tomb of Father Ignacio

In the framework of the 9th Anniversary of Father Ignacio's Passover, the North Chile National Coordination Team, plus Guides, Workshops participants and sympathizers gathered at the Parque del Recuerdo Cemetery in Santiago, on October 15th for a pilgrimage to his tomb, where after invoking the Holy Spirit, listening to the Gospel of the day, and meditating on the Word, they shared a community prayer, which was also performed after listening to a message to the Guides in the voice of Father Ignacio, and also after the reading of his prayer to Saint John of the Cross, still unpublished. It was a morning of deep union and prayer around the work and teachings of the Founder of the Prayer and Life Workshops, in which we must highlight the presence of a Guide from Mendoza, Argentina, who traveled for the day to participate, as well as well as those who traveled from Temuco, Rancagua and other cities.

On Saturday the 29th, the Commemorative Mass will be celebrated at the Foundation House for this new year that has passed since his Passover, which will be broadcast live via streaming on our YouTube Channel: Fundación TOVPIL. We are waiting for you!


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