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Presence of Guides in the House of Father Ignacio

Esequiel and Greice Milhomem, Guides from Palmas, Tocantins, Brazil, were very happy and excited to see the house of their beloved father Ignacio, grateful to God for his life and the Prayer and Life Workshops.

Just an hour later, Luis Eduardo Sierra, Guide of the Local 107 Coordination of Bogotá-Colombia, Mission La Candelaria, arrived, accompanied by a friend, to fulfill his dream visit to the Foundation House and tour it in what was for him a moving and unforgettable evocative experience. He was immensely grateful for being able to make his dream come true.

Dear Guides, your presence in this house is always a great stimulus for our beautiful mission of welcoming and spreading the legacy of Father Ignacio. God bless you and give you much fruit in your walk following in the footsteps of Jesus. Shalom!


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