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Presentation of the book The Great Fishing by Father Ignacio Larrañaga

On October 29, was held the presentation of the book titled The Great Fishing, with unpublished texts from Father Ignacio's youth diaries, which was edited by the TOVPIL Foundation and produced by TOV with the authorization of the Capuchin Brothers within the framework of the Tenth Passover’s Anniversary.

Lorena Rodriguez, International Coordinator of TOV, was in charge of presenting it at the San Antonio School, in the presence of the Archbishop of Santiago, Monsignor Aós, the Provincial of Capuchins of Sao Paulo, Brother Arcanjo Soares OFMCap and the Provincial Delegate of Santiago, Brother Mauricio Silva dos Anjos OFMCap and more than 500 PLW Guides from 16 countries who joined the host Guides for the occasion. This activity of the TOV Family in Santiago crowned the celebration of this memorable anniversary and concluded with a lively fraternal gathering, of all of which you can see photographs on our website, in the Virtual Documentation Center menu: Phototeca.


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