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Psalms of Creation


When the believer truly is able to live and experience the Psalms of Creation and make them his own, he not only renders homage and sings a joyful song to the Creator, but also, and above everything else, increases his inner richness. The cosmic adorer dives in and bathes in the secret and deep current of nature, while feeling -and in some way participating- the bubbling up of life flowing from God’s hands.


In our times, no one has expressed with so much originality and daring, with such shining fire, about the Spiritual Power of Matter, as the French philosopher and Jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. For this mystic of the technological era, matter, becomes the ultimate and most splendid theophany.


One is captivated by The Mass On the World, when Father Pierre found himself on the bare steppes of Asia without the necessary implements for Mass. He celebrated Mass over the altar of the whole Earth, offering the work and the pain of the whole world.


His chalice and his paten are “the depth of a soul fully opened to all the forces that in a given instant are going to be elevated from all the points on the globe and converge toward the Spirit.” Further on he continues: “Receive, O Lord, this All-embracing Host which your whole creation offers you at this dawn of a new day. You have placed an irresistible and sanctifying wish, which makes us all cry out, “Lord, make us one.”


 Extracted from the book Psalms for Life by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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