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Revelation of the Father

Beyond metaphors, Jesus presents salvation as perpetual living in the Father's house, while condemnation is essentially separation, staying forever outside the golden walls of the Father's house. Hell, is absence, loneliness, emptiness, hopeless nostalgia ... The disciples would not have understood these high concepts, if Jesus had not previously instilled in them a great longing for the Father. Eternal Life? Is that they know you (known in the sense of possessing).

The whole problem of salvation and damnation always revolves around the absence and presence of the Father. Tomb? Annihilation? Nothingness? No, death is entering the joy of the Lord.

Heaven is the Father; the Father is Heaven. Homeland? There is no country. The entire country is the Father. The Father's house? The Father’s house does not exist. The Father's house is the Father himself. Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is the One Sent to reveal to us the paternal face of God and to open wells of nostalgia in human soil. Wells of nostalgia that will be full, forever satiated with the simultaneous and total possession of endless life, of infinite Love.

Extracted from the book God Inside, by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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