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The perfect Happiness

“Father Francis, - Clara said - you were an un compromising workman. You burned, raked,demolished houses, money, parents, social position. You advanced further still: you conquered the ridiculous, the fear of disapproval. You scaled the mountain, reaching he highest peak of Perfect Happiness. You renounced everything so that God could become your Everything. But at this moment, if a dark shadow still reigns within you, it is a sign that God is not yet your Everything; herein lies your sadness. In short, you have attributed to God what is actually your work.

“Only one thing stands in the way of Perfect Happiness: detach yourself from the work of God and attach yourself to God alone, completely free.

“Let go and take that mortal leap: God is and that’s enough. Let go of your ideal and enjoy with total surrender this Reality which surpasses all reality: God is and that’s enough. Then you will know Perfect Happiness, Perfect Freedom, and Perfect Joy.”

Clare said no more. Tears streamed down Brother Francis’ face. An intoxicating feeling, very much like witnessing the dawn of a new world, took possession of Francis. He was indescribably happy.

God is and that’s enough. This is Perfect.

He turned as he said these words and, without looking at Clare, he left in tears. Clare was also sobbing.

Extracted from the book “Brother Francis of Assisi” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga.


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