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The Prophet from Nazareth

Through the villages scattered around the edge of the lake, the news spread that, on a determined day of the week, the prophet from Nazareth was to perform in the meadows that extended behind the first hill, on the outskirts of Capernaum. When the day arrived, and when Jesus saw such a large crowd assembled, he felt as though an aged wine raised up waves in his heart. He could not hide his delight. Here was a garden in bloom before his eyes. “I will show them,” he thought, “the most secret recesses of my soul.”

He began to speak to them slowly, with a certain air of magic suspense: “Today things never before seen may happen. Raise any stone and you will see the Father. Have you ever seen the sun dance? Today you may see it happen in the leaves of that lemon tree. Look there, look far away at the lake. Do you not see the smile of the light? There may be surprises today: from the corners of forgetfulness, the most hidden dreams and desires of your life may come to visit you. Walk with care because from beneath the ashes, a spark capable of burning up the world may jump. God changed his name: he is no longer Yahweh; he is called Father. And we are speaking about him this morning. The Father rests in the shade of the poplars and in the deep oceans of your thoughts. We might not offer him anything but lamentations and tears, but he still bathes us in the sea of tenderness and once again we will laugh and be happy.”

Extracted from the book “The Poor One of Nazareth” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga.


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