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The Servant

“I am a servant of the Lord; do unto me according to thy word” (Luke1:38). Possibly, these are the most beautiful words of Sacred Scripture. I know that it is presumptuous on my part to state boldly that these words capture and bring to light the essential message of Scripture. By examining these important expressions from Mary’s lips, I am trying to open the doors of this inexhaustible world just a little bit more.

I am a servant. A servant does not have rights. The rights of the servant are in the hands of her Lord. It’s not up to the servant to take the initiative but only to accept the decisions of her Lord.

I am “one of God’s poor.” I am God’s lowest creation, and there-fore I am the creature who is most free in this world. I have no will of my own, only the will of my Lord is my will; I am the servant of all. What can I do for you? I am the Mother of the world because I am the Servant of the world.

Who was Mary? She was the woman who said Yes to her Lord and then was faithful to that Yes unto its ultimate consequences and unto the end of her days. She was the woman who gave the Lord a blank check, which opened up an infinite and unconditional line of credit in His bank, and who never failed Him nor went back on her word. O, Mother most Faithful!

From the book “The Silence of Mary” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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