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The triumphal entrance in Jerusalem

Before the wreckage of the final collapse, the Father, his Father, gave his Son a taste like a fleeting glimpse of his future kingdom, universal and eternal. The marks of his messianic royalty will not be battalions of armored horses, nor diadems of gold, but instead an ass and a few olive branches.

The messianic royalty of Jesus, which he so obstinately hid for so long, but revealed to his friends with many precautions and rectifications, needed to be manifested solemnly and pubicly, at least once, before the entire nation.

This manifestation was so humble, yet very warm. The inhabitants of Jerusalem, especially those who were informed and were moved by what happened to Lazarus, gave him a clamorous reception; we might even say cordial. The disciples too must have felt happiness although it is possible that their enthusiasm may not have been very deep; it might even have been just a kind of collective contagion from the people’s high spirits. In summary, the day must have been a beautiful and satisfying day for Jesus.

Extracted from the book “The poor one of Nazaret” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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