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You are with me

Sometimes I feel like screaming: I'm alone. Nobody loves me. Immediately comes Your answer: I'm with you. Do not be afraid. You are around me; I am around You. I'm into You; You are within me. With your active, paternal and life-giving presence, you reach even the most remote and deepest areas of my intimacy. My roots feed on You. With your right hand you cover me and wrap your arms around me.

Your are with me. You know perfectly when I'm sitting, walking or sleeping. My ways and wanderings are familiar to You. Wherever I go, You are with me. Where I am, You are. Where You are, I am.

I am the son of immensity. You are the soul of my soul. You are the life of my life. More me than myself. More interior than my own intimacy. You are that total and totalizing reality within which I am completely immersed. With your life-giving force you penetrate all that I am and have. You are with me.

From de book “Dios adentro” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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