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You are with me!

You are with me. I go out on the street, and You walk with me. I go to work, and You are at my side. While I sleep, You watch over my dreams. You are not a detective who spies; You are a Father who takes care of me. At times I feel like shouting: I am a child lost in the forest, I am alone, no one loves me. Soon I hear Your response: I am with you, be not afraid.

In You, my roots are fed. I wrap myself in Your arms. You are with me. With the palm of Your right hand, You cover my head. With the light of Your eyes, You penetrate my depths. I am a child who is cold, and You warm me with Your breath.

You know perfectly well when I am at rest and when I begin to walk. My wanderings and path are more familiar to You than they are to me. I almost cannot believe it, but, wherever I go, You are with me.

 You are with me! blessed be your presence!


Extracted from the book “Sensing Your Hidden Presence” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga

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