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You in me, my Lord

Shower me, my God; with the waters of every sacred fountain so I can be made pure like a newborn baby. I beg You. Do not ever stop. Submerge me in the purifying waters of Your mercy. Wash me over and over again and You will see how my soul will be whiter than the mountain snow. (v. 9).

Awaken in me, my God, all the harps of gladness; play chords of joy in my innermost being, let the bones You have crushed lift up their heads to sing a song of joy. Let my soul, which was downtrodden by sadness and shame, now, having been visited by thy mercy, be able to drink the fresh waters of gladness. (v. 10).

Turn Your eyes away from my wounds, or better, look upon them with tenderness, and Your healing kindness. Once again, I ask that You sweep and erase the signs, the scars left in me by my brokenness and guilt (v. 11).

Make me a new creation.

Extracted from the book “Psalms for Life” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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