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Celebration of the 95th Anniversary of Father Ignacio’s Birth

With a Eucharist full of devotion and intensity, presided over by Fr. Mauricio dos Anjos and Fr. Miguel Angel Ariz from OFMCap, together with Brother Josué from Brazil, we celebrated the 95th Anniversary of Father Ignacio’s Birth, at Foundation House on May 6.

When remembering our beloved Founder, both the words of Fr. Mauricio, like those of Father Miguel Angel, recalling the vital mission entrusted by Father Ignacio to the Guides, and that of spreading the gospel of love and peace, were received with emotion by the PLW Guides present, as well as by those who participated via streaming.

After the Mass, was presented the book An Encounter, My Destiny. Diary of a pilgrim by Maristella Carvalho, with the reading of some paragraphs of the Spanish version of this endearing work, by the tireless and great collaborator of Father Ignacio.

The closing of such a memorable morning, was concluded with a joyful fraternal sharing by all those present.


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