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Crossing to the horizon

Our Lord Jesus Christ came to transform all things. He had come to take man from the path of the flesh and place him in the world of the spirit. On His arrival He was to loosen the ties of blood relations, and reshape them so that the frontiers of the spirit would be paramount. God alone would be the Father of all, and we would all be brothers and sisters to one another (Matthew 23:8).

And much more besides: for those who accept radically the will of the Father, God alone is father, mother, husband, wife and brother... (Matthew 12:50; Luke 8:21).

All humanity would be accepted, not suppressed. All would be raised up, not put down. It was a revolution of the Spirit.

The whole of human reality moves in closed circles. Jesus had come to open man to unlimited horizontal relationships. Thus, for example, fatherhood and motherhood, the home, human love, all evolve in established circles. Jesus wanted to lay open those real- ities to a perfect love, towards a paternal, maternal and fraternal universality. In sum, He had come to sow the sphere of the Spirit.

Extracted from the book "The silence of Mary" by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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