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Keep this date, October 4 in your heart so that it is a reminder of the commitment assumed as PLW Guides, always keeping in mind these words of Father Ignacio:

“It is our duty to remain looking at Jesus, his teachings and examples and to try to adapt them gradually, abandoning our instincts and taking on the sentiments and attitudes of Jesus”.

“When I either personally or through the coordinators, “consecrated” you in the Sending Forth ceremony, I - by virtue of the Father’s love - commissioned you to announce the Kingdom. This was not of my own intuition, but God and Jesus Christ, our Savior, who chose you by means of the special vocation instilled in each one’s heart by the grace of the Most High.”

“Before God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, I kneel and beg you never to abandon your daily Sacred Half Hour” (…)

“The primary responsibilities of the family of PLW Guides throughout the years and the centuries to come is to maintain the friendship with Jesus Christ alive and intense forever.”

Father Ignacio Larrañaga

Taken from Circular Letters No. 11-12-13


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