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Free and Happy

Surrender causes pure faith and pure love to live in high gear. Pure faith because by crossing the forest of appearances one discovers a reality that is invisible, basic, and lasting. Pure love because one takes the painful and wounding blows peacefully.

Surrender causes one to live permanently in a spirit of prayer, because in every moment of our lives we are presented with little troubles, frustrations, deceptions, heat, cold, pain, impossible dreams... and all of this is referred to the loving Father by the child who is loved. There is no more effective aspirin for the pains of life than surrender.

On this path, we die with Jesus in order to live with the Father. Jesus died to “what I want” in Gethsemane to accept “what You want.” The one who surrenders dies to his own will, which manifests itself in resistance. The one who surrenders quiets the living voices of resentment, is supported in the hands of the Father, remains in peace and lives there, free and happy.

Extracted from the book “Sensing your Hidden Presence” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga.


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