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Rain of Blessings

This week the exciting moments at Fundation House multiplied, first we vibrated with the visit on January 12, of Juliana Edwiges, Guide from CL RN II NBL1, Rio de Janeiro, accompanied by her daughter who gave her the trip to get here from Brazil. With great emotion he left written words of gratitude and commitment to the Lord for his mission as a Guide.

On January 17, Sumara Troyner and her husband Rubens, Guides from Ponta Grossa - Paraná of NBO 01, Brazil, came very thrilled. In the oratory they prayed for all the Guides of the world and that they be given the grace to be able to reach many souls in the spirit and charism of TOV, confident that God is in all the Guides who assume this mission with love.

Daniella F. C. Ronqui, Guía from CL Cruzeiro, de Sao Paulo, with her daughter Ana Clara and her husband Breno visited us the next day and with great joy and emotion they toured the house enjoying every corner and despite the language barrier we were able to capture their gratitude for belonging to the PLW Family and their great desire to fulfill Father Ignacio's Golden Dream.

The same day and time, Georgina Lara, Animator Guide of CL San Juan del Río, from Querétaro, Mexico, came to visit us with her son, and expressed her emotion of being able to see the spaces where the presence of Father Ignacio is perceived, in every detail and place of this house, and his hope to continue walking and sharing his experience in PLW so that other people start the same journey.

To each of these dear Guides our thanks for conveying their strength and conviction that this beautiful work will prevail. Shalom brothers and sisters!


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