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The Deep Motive

The success of fraternal life depends on whether God is the Motive behind one’s behaviour towards one’s brothers and sisters.

Among the thousand and one possible reactions that people can have, there exists one option in the intimacy of the person.

The motive which drives us and shapes our conduct is some-times confused. We made an examination of life in community. During the course of the reflection, a particular member adopted an arrogant approach, almost aggressive, in front of the others. In a private conversation with him afterwards, he explained that he had acted in that way because he was convinced that he was right. In the end, he admitted that the basic impulse motivating his attitude was his need for self-affirmation.

The will, invested with and impelled by Jesus, ought to overrule our obscure impulsive forces. Thus, instead of staging an explosive reaction, I would remain silent like Jesus before Pilate. Later, I would dialogue with calm and peace. Then, I would let go of the unpleasant memories of the misunderstanding and be generous enough to forget. From now on, I would be thoughtful and patient with everyone, as Jesus was with his own. Thus, the community is born under the Word and grows in the presence of Jesus.

A Community of Faith means that the members are trying to adopt the feelings, the reflexes and the conduct of Jesus as the motivating inspiration of their reactions in their daily life together. In such cases, prayer ought to vividly keep alive the presence of God in me. This “memory” (presence) of God ought to drown out the voices of instinct in me and prompt a behavior similar to that of Jesus. Thus, the community is born under the Word and grows in the presence of Jesus.

Extracted from the book “Come with me” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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