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The Journey Within

Through his power to know himself in the depths of his being (solitude), man rises above the whole universe. To these depths he returns when he enters his heart (… (GS 14).

Through his innermost nature man is a social being; and if he does not enter into relationship with others, he can neither live nor develop his gifts. (GS 12).

He who cannot say “I”, will never be able to say “you”. To forgive others is relatively easy. To forgive oneself is much more difficult.

It is impossible to discover and accept the mystery of the other, if one has not previously discovered and accepted the mystery of oneself. Those who only live superficially will never suspect the wonders hidden in their roots. The more superficial one is, the less human one is. The deeper the person, the more human they are.

How is this so? What do we mean? It is about an impression, in which and by which, I am in possession of myself. The person remains centered upon himself. It is a simple and self-possessive act. It is performed without reflection or analysis. And so I remain present to my own mystery which never changes and is always there.

I was five years old, and today, let’s say I am fifty. When I compare my present appearance with that five-year-old child, what a difference! But we are both the same person.  And I am him. The identity of the person lives through and survives all these changes, even in death and beyond. My own mystery!

Extracted from de book “Come with me” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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