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The Leave Taking and the Blessing of His Mother

Upon the insistence of the Son, the Mother finally acceded and sat down. Both were silent for a long time, without raising their eyes, partaking of the food without much relish as though trying to mask a difficult moment which both were going through.

“Mother,” Jesus said.

The Hour has come: I am going to proclaim the Kingdom it will be as the high tide under the full moon. I will walk a path bordered by precipices where jackals tread; the swallows will return along with me, and the springtime will once again come to dance in our gardens and orchards. But remember, Mother, it will not be a deluge of water, but of love...”

I do not feel I have the right to protest, my Son, because my rights are in the hands of my Lord. Therefore, in like manner when one day you descended into my womb, also at this moment I would say to you, my Son, the same words that dwelled in my heart: Thy will be done. 

“Those who love are never alone, Mother, although separated by oceans and seas, there are infinite distances in forgetfulness, but none at all in remembering. I am going, Mother, but I will remain here, beside you, seated beneath the lemon tree in the orchard.”

Extracted from the book “The Poor One of Nazareth” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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