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We can do very little

We can do very little. The fact that we persist in our limitations should not discourage us. On the contrary, this should serve to strengthen us. Discouragement comes because we are looking at unreachable heights; when we realize that they are inaccessible, discouragement overcomes us.

Instead, we should say: it is true that we can do little, and we must accept that helplessness in advance and in order to achieve even the smallest result, we will bring all our energies into play. There will be neither disappointment nor disillusionment because there was neither mistake nor illusion. Therein lies the secret of wisdom: set all our passion in motion but start from reality.

Here is a concrete way to dry up an inexhaustible source of suffering: know and accept with serenity that your intelligence is more limited than your desire to win, that your potential for perfection is relative, that you might not attain happiness in marriage and professional success, that you will not always be well accepted in society, that not all your projects will materialize, that there will be no lack of enemies and this will not always be through your own fault, that your influence within your milieu will be limited.

Accept all this beforehand; your energies then will not be wasted, but will be available for your real struggles in life. You will end up enjoying tranquility of mind and peace of heart.

Extracted from the book “From Suffering to Peace” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga.


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