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Wonder is, then, the word. Ultimately, wonder is a detachment, a moving away from self-centeredness, from the ties, appropriations and adherences through which man yokes and binds himself with creatures. Only wonder can remove man from his egocentric isolation, setting him free from self-complacency and self-sufficiency. One needs to be free of oneself to be able to admire another.

As always, there is only one thing: poverty. To be poor and free: free of one self and of any appropriation, not only to renounce pos sessions, but also to liberate energies that unite us which have become sleepy and lethargic. Then, one gives free reign to the yearning for universal communication, poverty to dig inner wells, to open vacant spaces for a great welcoming. Poverty, then, instead of choking the capacities for the affective and for admiration, opens a way for them to expand to unlimited horizons.

Extracted from the book “Psalms for Life” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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