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All Is Good!

To live! Is to plunge oneself into the great current of life, to participate in the pulsating rhythm of the universe, treating all of God’s creatures with tenderness, feeling gratitude and reverence for everything.

When the human heart has dumped its ballast, when one has given up possessions and renounced the greed of ownership, when, in short, we have purified ourselves of everything that poisoned the sources of our existence, on that day we will return to the first dawn when “everything was good”.

When the heart is light, everything is luminous. From the highest peaks, water falls, untroubled and transparent.

Life begins, shines for a brief moment and goes out. This is good. Physical pain is the warning sign of illness. It is good. How often a trauma in one’s live has served to amend mistakes and set one in the right direction! This is good.

Apart from exceptional cases, people mean well. The primary instinct of the human heart is to please, and its natural tendency is to be authentic. To live is a privilege, and existence, a celebration. All is good.

From the book "From Suffering to Peace" by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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